This 6 Reasons Why Education is Important for Women

When one thinks about the present education system in the world today, people will soon come up with a variety of reasons how and why it got worse and why all the problems that occur. People just much to say about the importance of education, but most people do not know the problems educatione happened today. So many emerging curiosity among people to solve the problem of the critical importance of education. Here we try to do the same thing. Here is why education is very important, but often ignored by many parties. For loans tips, you can see at

Se centuries ago Kartini remind women about the importance of education. More than just flattery and tittle, education or training, especially for women for Kartini is the initial capital for the empowerment and advancement of a nation forward.

However, the data revealed by Indonesian Women’s Coalition showed that about 5 million people in Indonesia are still illiterate, and sadly, most of whom are women. Whereas the level of education of women is essential in building a self-sufficient nation. As reported, Monday (02/05/2016), here is why education is so very important for women.

Avoiding Human Trafficking

Women most vulnerable to trafficking when they are uneducated and poor, it is at least expressed the UN agency for women’s empowerment. It became one of the reasons women mengapapendidikan becomes important in a nation.

Political representation

Across the world, including in Indonesia, it appears that women are still underrepresented in politics and government. Leadership training, organization, and improve the level of education for women is a way to empower women to advance into the political arena that the voices of women are not lost amid the pressure of patriarchy.

Mothers Educated Intelligent Child delivery

Many studies reveal, intelligent children born to mothers intelligent. Not only that, smart mother also increases the age of the child the chance to live past the age of five. Burundi in East Africa is a region that has experienced the death of 16 thousand children per year as a result of poorly educated mothers.

Safe Sex

Girls who only managed to finish primary school are considered three times more likely to acquire HIV. With such a view, education for women is important as a window of hope in preventing the spread of HIV, particularly among girls.

Preventing Early Marriage

Data show the United Nations Population Fund, one of the three girls in underdeveloped countries marry before reaching the age of 18 years. That’s the sign larger women lose their rights to develop themselves as preoccupied with domestic family matters, such as child care.

Reducing Poverty

When women and men have equal rights in education, women tend to continue to participate in business and economic activity. Progress and sustainability of a nation depends on the participation of women and education and the economy. As I’ve said Obama in his speech at the UN General Assembly, “The future is not to be solely owned by the patriarchy. The future must be shaped by girls who go to school and those who dream of a prosperous life. “