Resources for Creating Classroom Websites

Every company, organization and even individuals have websites today. Educational institutes have come up with classroom websites. For those who are not aware of this concept, it might sound a little out of place, but if one digs deeper to understand the potential benefits then one will understand that a classroom website is one of the best investments in terms of money and efforts. Essentially a classroom website improves the teacher-student relationship and enhances the parent’s faith and trust in the institute.

Teachers can develop classroom websites on their own or with the help of students; after all it is a website for the entire classroom. A classroom website serves as a great communication channel between teachers and students. It is not difficult to create a class room website; all you need is a little knowledge about designing and uploading website that’s it. There are many free classroom website templates available on the internet, all you need to do is download them and use them according to your needs.

Classroom websites are different from ordinary websites; therefore these websites should follow a particular set of guidelines and should be constructed by focusing on students. Websites for classrooms must be about academics and must have meaningful information for students. Innovative and attractive material for students, parents and the fellow teaching staff should be there.

You can make your classroom website interactive by having features like online discussion forums or blogs. In a forum-based classroom website students can present their views. This will also allow the parents to get acquainted with the teachers and know about various events in school.

If you are still having some trouble understanding how to design classroom websites, you should go through the various free classroom website templates available on the internet. These will give you a fair idea about the design and development of a classroom website.

If you need more information or further help, then you should definitely visit this site as it has a plethora of information and links that will make your website building experience easier.



 Man is a social animal. Without society we never can think of our existence. And this society is a result of evolution. Education is the most important factor in the evolution of both the individual and society. It relates to the individual with their society. But there are clearly many problems in our current education system. In this article I tried to draw an outline on improvement of our modern education system.                                                           

                                                                   Our education should be based on foundation of truth and reality. Particularly how it connects to the inter-relation of Mind (which indicates cultural knowledge and truth), Matter (which indicates biological knowledge) and how our bodies are inter-connected with other matter and also our environment. So, it is an evolutionary or ecological approach of education. For this reason, when we look at the society, we see that schooling is not an island which is separate from the society, but is an integral part of the society.                                                                               

                                       Education is a process which enables the individual to distinguish between true and false, good and bad, right and wrong. It is a great thinking process. So the purpose of education is to develop the knowledge, skill, or character of students. If the teacher teaches his students according to the interest and mental development of the students, they will like it and will learn it easily. Modern education system does not recommend that the teachers impose upon students their own beliefs about what is, what is wrong and what could be. Here the purpose should be to make awareness or consciousness of learner about the true condition of his life in this society.                                                                               

                 Modern education system is totally dependant on psychology, because educational psychology is the systematic study of the physical growth and mental development of a child. It also gives knowledge about child behavior and solution on the child behavioral problems. This is very necessary for a teacher to teach his students according to their mental abilities. And only educational psychology helps the teacher in doing so. It prepares the teacher to teach where and how? So education and psychology are interdependent. Without the knowledge of educational psychology a teacher never can be a good teacher.                                                               

                              Today we can say that educational psychology is the foundation of modern education. It effects education in every field of teaching and learning process. It also gives emphasis on the theory of individual differences which is most important factors of modern education. That is why different students have many problems in education, society and emotion. Some students may be introvert which is harmful for their confidence level. Moreover, every child has different mental ability and learns with difference pace. Psychologist provides guidance in such conditions. For this purpose today in many developed countries, child guidance clinics have been opened.                                                  

                                                  Applied psychology able to change the old concept of education where only teacher imposes a subject- matter on his students where there are no spontaneous activities of the student. But psychology emphasizes on activity based teaching process …

Pursuing A Masters In Psychology

The importance of psychology in life cannot be taken for granted. Psychology is the science that deals with human behavior as well as that of the non human. Though the course is only 125 years old, it is needed in almost in all spheres of life. Its study has its roots in biology to sociology, trying to seek a relationship between the brain functions and the behavior or the relationship between the environment and the behavior. Since the subject is so vast, there is therefore a need for specialization. As mentioned earlier, psychology touches many aspects of life and so there are various fields of study. These fields are studied in detail at the masters level.

Since 1960, there has been an increase in the students who pursue a masters in psychology. There is competition for jobs which are psychology related and so more and more students are joining the courses. In fact, it has been observed that more than two thirds of the students graduating with a masters in psychology get jobs on field, which are outside psychology and only about one third are employed in jobs which are directly related to psychology. A large number of those employed after graduating with a masters in psychology work on data collection and analysis in various firms and institutions, both in the government circles and the private sector.

There are various subfields of psychology where one can specialize. For example, one can study masters to be a Clinical Psychologist. Here one can deal with emotional and behavioral disorders. There is also Cognitive and perceptual psychologists who study human perception, thinking, and memory and often work closely with behavioral neuroscientists to explain clearly the bases of perception or cognition from the biological perspective. One can also study to be Developmental psychologists to be able to solve issues dealing with the psychological development in people throughout their lives. Educational psychology is another field which is quite popular today. Here you learn how to enhance teaching and learning.

Other areas one can do a master include Engineering psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Experimental psychology, Forensic psychology, which tries to solve legal issues by applying psychological principles and Health psychology which is a study of how biological, psychological, and social factors affect health and illness. There is also industrial & organizational psychology where one can learn how to improve productivity in areas of work by employing psychological principles and research methods. There are many other areas too.

There are many universities in the USA which offer masters in psychology and one can opt for the course within the preferred specialization. The course normally takes two years. One should be a graduate holding a bachelors degree with a related subject. Some universities may enroll any student from any faculty but it’s always advisable to take a masters in psychology if you have a related bachelor’s degree.…

Importance of Educational Websites among Students

In this technology era, the passion of internet is boosting among the students. For any search they usually like to use the Google to collect the information. Similarly in the case of education, it is often helpful to use education websites as a means of collecting the relevant information about the concerned subject. Well, it has become very necessary for any new business to promote over the web. If we want to put up and enlarge your business in worldwide then it’s vital for you to make a good web site, so that people can easily understands the mission and vision of your business and liberally enjoy the various services.

Today the many institutes and colleges in India are developing their own sites to offer the clear concepts to the students. With the help of these education websites student can search any colleges across the country just by entering the few relevant keywords like best law colleges in India, medical colleges in India. It is well said “Action Speaks Louder than Words”; in the same way education website will speak volume for students.

At present there are some great education websites are available which directly conveys the useful information. Suppose you want to find the list of best law colleges in India these education websites help you out and shows the all best law colleges in India in the form of list even it can also mentioned the complete details of the colleges including courses offered, fee details, duration of the course and contact details of the colleges.

The concept of education websites is still new in India but owing to its growing need, it is gaining popularity at a fast pace. Students have become more conscious about their career so that picking right course is necessary as it is the merely way that ensures their good professional life. In this regard, they visit education websites and openly discuss their areas of interest and seek all significant info. Students also visit these education websites to get the information about the various college or institute; they want to take admission in like medical colleges in India.

These education websites are especially best for those students who live in the remote areas and don’t able to reach the colleges. They can add their request by mailing these education websites and fetch the instant responses. It is always advisable to visit education websites as this can help you make sensible decision concerning your career.…

Different types of websites for kids available on the internet

The increasing use of the websites for kids have helped the growing kids to a large extent. As we know that internet and websites are the best medium for education for people of any age group. Any sort of information is available on the internet which are extremely helpful for us. The introduction of the websites for kidz is a new step of internet and this has come to be very helpful for the kids. Most kids try to stay away from studies, as they feel studies to be extremely boring. Kids want fun and entertainment all the time, but proper education is also necessary for them. The websites designed for the kidz provide proper education in the form of entertainment; such a step taken by the websites have helped the growing kidz all over the world. Different types of such website for kids are available on the internet, but the kid’s parents have to choose the appropriate website very carefully. You can find several websites which provide mainly educational items, some websites provide education in the form of music and some provide education in the form of online games. Each of these sites are designed for certain age group of kids and you must choose the perfect website for your kid. Choosing an inappropriate website may not help your kid to the fullest and can also create a negative effect on their mind.

Most of the websites for kidz are designed very attractively with eye catching graphics; kids get too much attracted to these colorful websites. If the websites succeed to draw the attention of the kids, then their job becomes very easy. Some websites use different cartoon characters which are popular among the kids; use of such cartoon characters draws the kids even more towards the websites. Some websites provide free online games, which are also pretty attractive to the kids. These website use different types of games; some games help the kids to increase their concentration, some games help to boost the mental sharpness and mathematical skills of the kids, some sites also teaches the kids to learn composing music. We all know that spelling mistake is very common among kids, most kids suffer from this problem too much. Some literature based website for kids help the kids to overcome this problem by the games they provide.

Kids love music; some websites like Kidzter have their own music band which composes music for the kids. The rockabyes music band of the kidzter website has become pretty popular because of their music for the kids. They dress up as the popular cartoon characters and perform for the kid’s entertainment. Choosing the right kind of website for kids is the most important task, and it is the job of the parents to select the proper website. People should choose the website according to the age of your kid. The websites are designed according to the age group of the kids and they must be chosen very carefully. Most working …

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